A complete team of technicians trained by the manufacturers is at your service 24/7


Mechanical Motors

  • A complete team of technicians trained by the manufacturers is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Listening, advice, diagnosis
  • Annual maintenance (replacements oil filters, prefilters and fuel filters, impellers, etc …)
  • Test bench engine up to 5 000 H.P
  • Official agent of the MAN, FPT/IVECO, YANMAR, KOHLER, CASTOLDIJET for PACA area (Cannes, Antibes, Golfe Juan, Nice, Monaco …)

MAN MASTER Official Agent

CASTOLDI Official Agent

FPT/IVECO Official Agent

KOHLER Official Agent


EMS offers engine repairs such as:

  • Control of injection with computer or mechanically (injection pumps, high pressure pumps, injectors, …)
  • Engine refitting (complete reconditioning in the bilge or workshop, followed by a test bench run (Test Bench – only at E.MS) to validate parameters and nominal power. is, of course, done before delivery)
  • Descaling and testing of water, oil and air exchangers
  • Complete reconditioning of your turbos
  • Complete rebuilding of your cylinder heads (replacement of valve seats, valve guide, valves, …) + the monitoring test
  • Repairing of alternators and starters
  • Instrumented sea trial for classification, …


During annual interviews, a team of EMS technicians carries out the work such as:

  • Replacement of oil filters, fuel prefilters and fuel filters and air filters
  • Replacement of belts
  • Replacement of impellers (turbines)
  • Descaling exchangers in the workshop, testing and painting before being reassembled on the engines
  • Complete repackaging of seawater pumps (disassembly, sandblasting, replacement of internal seals and painting)
  • etc, …

The final validation by sea trials is always checked by Christophe LETHIEC, the C.E.O of Engine Marine Services.


For the installation of a new engine, a team of EMS come on board the boats for an accurate and complete study.

  • Dimension drawing (see for the choice of the power)
  • Diameter of the tree lines
  • Gearbox ratio control
  • Verification of the machine room for a precise costing concerning the repowering…

Endoscopy and videoscopy

EMS has the latest generation of diagnostic tools allow for precise control of:

  • Cylinders
  • Pistons
  • Cylinder heads + valve seats
  • Search for coolant leak into heat exchanger and refrigerant circuit …
Cylinder endoscopy on MTU 12V396 engine
Cylinder endoscopy on MTU 12V396 engine


The skills and know-how of Engine Marine Services allows it to carry out high quality engine expertise:

  • Instrumented sea trial with report,
  • Endoscopy and videoscopy with editing of report and photos,
  • Oil and fuel analysis,
  • Control of exhaust pressures …
Removal and verification of propellers
Removal and verification of propellers


EMS intervenes on all types of propulsion:

  • Propulsion
  • Shaft line driving
  • All types of surface bases

A mechanical problem, an emergency?